Turf-Tailored GPS Solutions

Providing 21st century GPS sprayer and machine automation solutions to the turf market, customized for the turf market.


Check out the video and see for yourself how simple our system is to use.

Spray only where you want, how you want

Individual nozzle shut offs ensure that only the target areas are sprayed and nothing else. AutoSwath also eliminates any spray overlap automatically so the operator can focus on the task at hand. Hybrid rate control also utilizes flowmeter and pressure sensor feedback to maintain accurate rates in all scenarios. 

increase profits And Decrease environmental impact

Decreasing application product by up to 25% not only positively affects a golf course budget, but also decreases potential runoff and other environmental impacts

automate spray product records

Above Par Tech provides golf courses the ability to accurately document and track all inputs used during turf spray events. Documenting all products spatially allows users to proactively determine what products are needed where to ensure consistent turf growth.