Price List

Base Sprayer Kit- $18,000


    -Course/area boundary mapping
    -RTK repeatable <1″ accuracy
    -Automatic individual nozzle control
    -Automatic rate control
    -Remote display viewing*
    -Wireless data viewing*
    -Remote machine tracking*
    -And much more

OnTrac Auto Steer Package- $5,000

Auto Boom Leveling Package- $3,700

DisplayCast Unlock- $750/sprayer

    -One-time unlock
    -Enables real-time multiple sprayer communication
    -Automatically shares coverage, guidance lines, boundaries, etc.

Annual Fees

AgFiniti License- $495

    -Required for * features above
    -Required for DisplayCast functionality
    -First year of service included in the base sprayer kit pricing

HPRTK Subscription- $1,000

    -In certain areas this subscription is required to maintain RTK level accuracy

Cellular Data Plan- $250

    -All major cellular carriers supported